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The Birth Story of Scarlet:
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Never is a woman more powerful and beautiful than she is when she is birthing. David lovingly supported Laurel as she gave birth. Laurel's family felt very honored to be allowed to attend this amazing event.

Scarlet's Story, written by Laurel
This third pregnancy caught me off guard. I have to be honest that it began in a place of dismay. It wasn’t that pregnancy and birth weren’t on my mind—I’d just completed my doula training and had been so excited to begin attending births. Knowing I’d have a newborn in a few short months felt like being yanked back into the house again. I knew I’d spend a couple of months being miserably sick, and that my doula-dreams would be limited in the immediate future. Then I had a talk with my husband that lifted my heart—I came to realize that going through my own experience with natural birth would help me be a more effective, more empathetic doula. I would have my own memories and strength to build on instead of just philosophy. I began to see this pregnancy part of the fulfillment of my hope to empower women, not robbing me of those experiences....

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