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The Birth Story of Asher:

Asher's Story
Abby, Asher’s mama, was patient and strong over the course of her 48 hour labor. She was patient with her body and connected to her baby. Labor started the day before Josh’s birthday on December 29thand Asher was born on the 31st. Being the accountant he is, I bet Josh was thrilled with his new little tax deduction! And be sure to notice in the film how Josh never leaves Abby’s side.

After Asher was born, Abby insisted that the midwife wait to cut the cord, wait to put medicine in Asher’s eyes and wait to weigh him. And the midwife and hospital respected her wishes all the way. Way to go, Abby!

And thank you, Abby, for being willing to show your film to the world (or at least 400 of those in the world) at our Empowering Fearless Birth Event!